My page stuck in "ready to be published" status at least few hours and doesn't publish

Hi there!

At start working with my repo gh-pages from    from master branch  working properly, but then i try to disable/enable (I don’t know why I did it). And now, when i whant to reenable my ghpage i see that my ghpage is in status “ready to be published” but not published during few hours as a result i recive 404 error from 
As i remember, my first creating ghpages was about 1 min.

Coud you assist me pls 

Hi! GitHub’s status page at is currently stating that GitHub pages is currently operating with Degraded Performance. Their specific message is “We are working through a backlog of page builds after the degraded performance this morning.”

For what it’s worth, one of my projects that I’ve just created a GitHub Pages site for doesn’t appear to be working either.

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I am new on GitHub but managed to make pages for my first two repos without problems.
However on my third repo/project, I run into the same issue like you, and the only thing that I had different from the first two repos, was that they had only 3 files index/script/style, but the third repo had additional folders for the css and img and videos, and for some reason I was getting the 404 error as well.

What worked for me is that I set a theme , its the option right after you set the page root folder, just go in it and choose any theme.

I read that suggestion on some stackoverflow thread, and it turns out it was the thing that solved it for me.

Now the reason why it wasnt working, I assume it was because of the spare folders or so, and I assume that when you set a theme It kinda takes them into consideration or whatever…