My page shows fine locally but on github the theme is gone and the links are broken

hi, its the first time Im doing this and I followed this guide using jekyll:

The website works fine hosted on my localhost but look how broken its on github:

I bet this must be a common noob error but I couldnt find a solution searching the forum.

Thank you 

If you look at the page source, the style sheet links to 


but that file doesn’t exist, so that is not the location in the github repository.

Either you need a folder named “assets” in the github repository, and main.css in that folder, or you need to fix the web files to point to where the main.css file actually is.

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I’m having the same issue. I’m not sure if your reply applies to my site as well, but I did try to add body tags in my index.html file, it’s not working still.

My site serves right locally, but the github pages version does not show the correct theme, and rather an unstyled website. In my repo’s settings, it says the theme that I want is being used, however, it is not displayed.

Here’s my repo:

Hey Regan, were you able to get this sorted? Your theme looks good now… I’m running into the same .CSS issue on my pages site currently.

Me too. Did any of the above people fix their problem?