My page isn't being published

I’ve posted a page before so I did the same thing and it didn’t work, I double checked the documentation and it seemed fine. I read that someone had the same problem but it was fixed when they chose a jekyll theme but that didn’t work either. my page says it’s published but I get a 404 message when I click the link. I also opened it in incognito to make sure it wasn’t just the cashed version.

thank you for the help.

hello there, others cannot see that settings of your pages, but I just checked your site and it’s really 404,

so please provide further details and screenshots so that we can help

your site is published, you just did not get the correct URL,

if you want to display it on the root mysced, place the index.html at the root of your repo and change all the paths for images and links,

Thank you for the help, I really apricate it.

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