My page is broken after grunt deploy in Github

Hi everyone,
I have just completed classic tic-tac-toe game project and everything works fine in my local host but not in git hub after I successfully grunt deploy.

I only worked in master branch and I pushed all my commits to github.

I run grunt deploy and got publishing link from git hub. When I click the link my page is shown like basic html and all styles that I made is broken, the page does not work.

I tried to figure it out the problem but could not find it. The only thing I observe, when I refresh the page in my local host the page appears first basic html and loading correctly with styling.

My repo is here: GitHub - nugrezo/Tic_Tac_Toe_Game_Project: General Assembly First Project Tic Tac Toe

Deployed link is here : Tic Tac Toe Game

Could you please help me what might be the problem ? I really appreciate for your time and effort for answering my question?

two of your JS files failed to load, 404


at the index.html, it mentioned it is inside the public folder, but the only file inside that folder is the .keep, which is 0 bytes,

thank you for the reply. I deleted them already but it does not work .

your site is being hosted on GitHub Pages at the root directory, you are quite confused because you added your two JS files at gh-pages branch at public folder, your site will not read from that branch,

so, it’s still 404

just a suggestion, delete that gh-pages, all of your build files must be at the root ( main ) repo,

thank you. I deleted gh-pages branch but still does not work !

in index.html src is linked to public. this is the browser template I did not make any change here. i mean I did not build it from scratch. If is the way you said it should not work in local either but it works.

as well I did not create gh-pages branch. The branch is created by git hub when I grunt deploy it

so when I deploy it creates again even though I delete IDK why is that happening?

I made it work. just I merged gh-pages into master that is it

it progressed now, with just one remaining warning which is still at public folder but there is none,

@nugrezo Hi! Can you reach out to me on [REDACTED DUE TO PERSONAL INFORMATION]. I also went to General Assembly. Just wanted to ask you something!