My Organization is Flagged

Hey There, GitHub

I am @xDistinct, I am in Big Trouble, Yesterday one of my friends Just Added me to this Organization as owner and he created a repository that led to his account suspension for spamming. He left the Organisation before suspension and I am the only owner left here.

This led me to a problem that I am in a Flagged Organization

  • I can’t delete the Organisation
  • I can’t Remove myself from there
  • A Message is Always there at the Top
  • It’s showing as I am the last owner I can’t leave
  • The Red Bounded Bold Message at the Top is disturbing me and creating an inconvenience at my Job

I also Submitted a Ticket Regarding this, My Ticket No: 1462930

I am hopeful that you will help me get out of this problematic situation


Hey @xDistinct and welcome to the forum. That’s a tough situation.

Sadly, on the forum we cannot address any issues that are individually linked to your account. Please be patient and wait until Support gets back to you.

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Sir, Thanks for replying,
Should I Attach Some Files to Elaborate my Problems?


the rule is:

meaning, you accepted it? you can’t simply be added if you did not accept it,

Yes, I accepted the invitation because to add some codes and contributions in one repository.
We didn’t did something knowingly. The main thing is we both were unaware of such happening (flagged organization and account suspension).

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If you are honest in what you say, giving you admin/owner rights they try to make you a scapegoat.

But do not worry much. This is the digital world and I believe GitHub collects enough footprints for the history of events.

Unless you are the culprit trying to clear your relation to those events through multiple accounts (hacked, stolen, or anything like that) they should be able to solve the problem easily but cannot say how long it takes though.



Hi, my organization is flagged, I already create Tickets, but i din’t get any respon, please help