My latest release are not marked as latest

I have 4 releases in my repo and I am trying to access the tag of the latest release through the github api. I looked it up on the support community here, all of the releases are created via the github web interface and there are exactly 4 tags. It seems that this might not be happening becuse of the [quote=“cmrberry, post:2, topic:421”]
everything you see there are tags that were pushed to the repository without having a release formally created.
issue, why does my repo don’t have a “latest release” ? is not fouınd

I think it’s beacause all of your releases are “pre-releases” and no “releases”.
Submit a release which you don’t mark as a pre-release and try to get your latest release via the API.


Was that all? I marked it as a full release and that did it!
Thanks :smiley:

Nice ! Don’t forget to mark it as a solution :wink: