My Javascript is not showing up when github pages deployed


So I tried to deploy my website on github pages, but only the HTML was showing up. However, when I run it on localhost, the JS and CSS all show up successfully. What am I doing wrong?



I assume you mean this script:

    <script type ="module" src = "/main.js"></script>

That’s an absolute path (starting with /), which will break because GitHub Actions will serve your site in a subdirectory, at Referencing /main.js from there means that the browser will look for

To look in the same directory as the HTML file use a relative path:

    <script type="module" src="main.js"></script>
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I have made a few changes and created a PR on your git. You can review it and make changes on your repo.

Make sure not to Merge it. As its your Portfolio :wink:

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Thank you for the help! So I when removed the “/” and added the new imports, it was still only showing the HTML. I also tried it on the localhost and it didn’t work, so it seems like those imports are not actually fetching the three.js library.

So I removed the “/”, but it is still not loading up on github pages.

There is no three or three.js in your repository.

So looks like I had it installed only locally using ‘npm’. On the documentation here, three.js docs, it states that I need to use a CDN. If you look at my main.js file now, you will see the changes that I made to make the Three.js module not just local (according to the documentation). However, the JS is still not showing up.


Have you checked your PR? I have made changes to your main.js as well, to import three js module from github repo.

If RAW git doesn’t work, change it to

Let me know if it could access.

Yes, I just checked the PR and made those changes to the main.js file, and it still didn’t work. I also tried by changing the main tag to… and still no success.

Go through the changes I made here Linked your imports to a valid CDN by hippyaki · Pull Request #2 · meshtiwa/AnimeshPortfolio · GitHub

I tried in again and it still does not work… Maybe try running it from your end?


Drop the PAGE link on your PR comment.

Update: Found it.

a CDN means a link to an external source from the Internet. Make sure you are using proper capitalization in files names and paths, for *nix servers are case sensitive.