My GitHub was attacked/hacked, what can I do to recover my data and account?

My GitHub was attacked/hacked, it was used to create many junk repositories, I have changed my password and used 2 factor authentication to stop the action, what can I do to recover my data and account? Thank you very much!!!

Hi @Hsiang-xxs!

Thanks for your patience, I’m sorry that you’ve had this happen.

It sounds like you’ve already regained control of your compromised account, but if you’re still having issues with any unauthorised access, it’d be worth getting in touch with GitHub Support for help getting control of your account.

You can review any security-related activity by accessing your security log to see what may have been accessed. If you haven’t already, it’s also worth changing any passwords elsewhere that used the same compromised password that you used on GitHub.

Hi Tim,

Thanks very much for your reply.

I have contacted Github via GitHub Support , but I didn’t get any reply until now.

Here are some help thet I’m asking for and hope to get:
1.Can Github help to rollback these operations/actions?
2.I have used some tools to delete all junk repos of my github, but there still two problems that I couldn’t solve:
a). I couldn’t delete all the junk repos that created on my organization/team/group.
b). I couldn’t restore all my previous repos(cause my repos have star, watch and fork) and data, including following, star, fork and so on.

Can Github help me to solve above issues timely and effciently (I have use GitHub Support to report my problems many times, but still don’t get any reply) ? These are pretty important for me! Please help me!

Kind regards,


Tim Rossback via GitHub Support Community <> 于2020年9月13日周日 下午3:55写道:

Thanks for getting back to me @Hsiang-xxs,

I’m afraid this is something for GitHub Support to help you with. You can check for any responses you might have missed at GitHub My Tickets. Just as a heads up, sending multiple replies to support may only delay your case as they’re responded to in the order that they arrive in.

If you’re still missing a reply to your ticket in a few days, just let me know and I’ll flag it with our wonderful community managers!

Hi Tim,

Thanks very much for your reply.

I have checked my ticket, there’s no reply. Can u please help me contact GitHub staff to help me deal with the issues that I mentioned?

I have used GitHub support to ask for help three days ago, but still no reply.

These data and repos are pretty important for me, it’s an emergency! I am waiting to use, it has a serious impact on my work now. I’m waiting for help! Please!

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


Tim Rossback via GitHub Support Community <>于2020年9月14日 周一09:35写道:

:wave: Welcome to the community. I’m sorry this has happened to you.

I can confirm we received your ticket on Friday. We operate with a much smaller sized team on the weekend, but I would expect you’ll hear back shortly now that it’s the normal work week.

There are a few things about this that may be awkward to resolve, from my own experience. Restoring repositories when there have been so many created & deleted will take some picking through to find the right ones you actually want.

While the general advice is to not keep opening tickets, I’ll make an exception right now for the sake of providing more information.

Please reply to your existing ticket with the exact names of the repositories you want restored - that should help speed things up a bit.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

I have replied the ticket email with more detailed information. The Ticket ID is: 831332 They are truly important and urgent for me! Please check and help me to solve and restore them timely, quickly and efficiently! Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


canuckjacq via GitHub Support Community <>于2020年9月14日 周一14:45写道: