My GitHub site with custom domain is not working

Hi! I’m trying to set up a custom domain for my GitHub site, but somehow it’s not working.

My domain is , and it’s provided by

I made a CNAME record in my GitHub repository, which contains: and (I previously tried with only **, **without any sucess)

At my domain provider I made a CNAME record named: www and containing:

I found some articles about using custom domains, and they suggested to make A records to my domain, so I made them:

A name:  @ ip:

A name:  @ ip:

A name:  @ ip:

A name:  @ ip:

(a different article suggested 2 other records, so I made those as well:)

name:  ip:

name:  @ ip:

I’m a graphis designer, not a developer. This site what I coded should be my portfolio, so these kind of problems are out of my league. 

Can somebody help me with it, or make any suggestions what is the problem?

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firstly, create a repository that starts with your git username.

Repository name :

Secondly, try having only one repository in your git account. , that is, under user account “csendesabel” create only one repository named “


create cname entry in git repository and


at domain provider create cname entry

www  CNAME 1h



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