My GitHub repositories are not known by Google

I am the owner of where I have two repositories. I have been trying many ways in order to Google being able to find any of them, but I never have gotten a good answer. At which is well known by Google my two GitHub repositories have links to them.
Please let me know what I can do to have them known by Google. Thank you very much. Best regards, pgl10

Put up a GitHub Pages site!

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Hello Mark,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I have done :

Is it what you have explained to me ?

Is it enough in order to have Google knowing my reposoteries ?

Best regards, pgl10

Yeah, that should help a bit. Let me explain.

GitHub isn’t a place to promote repositories. GitHub won’t actively tell Google not  to list repositories, but there is a chance the only way to find your repo if you literally type in the name.

If you set up a GH pages site - which is an actual web site - with more content and information about the repo, chances are higher that people can also find your repos trough Google by searching with more general terms.

As an example: if people look for your “Opera” repo and search for big rational numbers library , chances are much higher they will find your repo if you have a GH pages site with more content and info related to the repo.

That said, your current setup with a simple listing will help a bit, but not much. Why not put some background info and documentation up there?

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Hello Mark,
Thank you very much again.
Your answer will be very helpful for me and for other GitHub users.
Until now Google had never been able to find my GitHub repositories. But it is new, Google is finding them. So, may be, I will be able to improve the Google answers but they are already good as they are today.
Best regards.
Au revoir, pgl10

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