My GitHub repo says it's deployed on GitHub Pages, but it's not

On one of my repos, it says the GitHub Pages is deployed. It’s listed in the deployment section of the repo.

Although I have used GitHub Pages on some other repos, I have never enabled it on this one because it’s not something that I need for this repo. Regardless, it looks like GH Pages deployed on an old development branch in August 2019 and has been redeploying whenever I push changes to the branch. It deployed a change 7 days ago.

I’ve checked the repo settings and it says that GH Pages is not set to any branch. Going to the URL that GH Pages would be using for this repo gives me a 404 error, so it doesn’t look like it’s actually deployed.

The branch it says it’s deployed to is the “development” branch. I usually make changes in that branch and then merge into the “master” branch. Then I delete the development branch when I’m done, so that branch is rarely in the repo (it isn’t right now).

I thought maybe the branch being deleted caused some kind of sync issue with the repo settings, so I even tried adding the branch to see if the settings would change, but they didn’t.

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

can I see the actual repo? so that I can have the full details,