My github repo got 300 stars today but its not visible in Github Trending ?

This repository went from 55 stars to 356 stars in just one day … but i wonder why its not visible on github trending ? 

It was on the front page of hacker news and  

I got 5 pull requests yesterday … in just one day … so the community interest does exist !

I made a google search … which lead me to this post …

The admin says that “It’s almost exclusively stars per interval plus some logic to prevent star farming and the like. What is your concern about the system?”

According to this logic …  my repository should be on the trending list … because i am able to see many repo’s which are visible which has got fewer stars !!!

So what could be the potential reason ???


Yup, latest trending page update is really strange…
Would love to get this question answered too!


Had the same thing happen. got 900+ stars in 16 hours from hackernews and no trending, not even on “today”, while 900 should be the most starred repos of the whole day. If it’s not about stars, then how to be “trending”?

Found this issue too, Really strange. Maybe GitHub manually picks the repos they think are worth to put on trending LOL?