My Github pages stopped to build

(Sorry for my grammer)
I have a github pages to use for hosting open source HTML5 games I’ve forked on Github, and I use it to host some flash games too.
Today my Github pages failed to build with only this warning:
"Unable to build page, please try again later. "
The page can successfully builded before, but after I adding something there, it won’t build anymore.
I don’t want to add a .nojekyll file because I use both Jekyll and Static HTML to build this page, so I hope someone would help it out. Thanks!
BTW here’s my repo: GitHub - sfmemz/

This is the same problem I have:

A .nojekyll will not fix the issue! GoldenDict++OCR 箐「jīng」典 , I already have .nojekyll and updated the page content, but nothing changed.


I’m having the same problem and I’ve already created a .nojekyll long ago, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

i have same problem!

Nvm my github page was builded successfully today, this might be a server error

yeah,but i deleted my repo that is deployed by gitpages because i thought it maybe my repo’ mistake of setting. :sweat:

Then recreate it if you have a backup