My github pages is not working

Hello I am working with Statiq and GitHub pages, I have deployed my static website, all seem to work.

Public repo : GitHub - Inerska/ 🐱‍👤* My static personal blog
Github pages config :

Nevertheless, I can access my static website, how should I proceed ?

Thanks a lot.

:wave: Welcome!

Is this the page you’re expecting to see?

If so, this means you’ll need to change the source folder.

Hello, yes, but it seems that the CSS isn’t working well.
And how to change the source folder? I can only choose between /(root) and /docs

yeah, sorry - looks like there are only those two options. In that case, you’re looking at restructuring your repository so that index.html is in the root directory.

In terms of css (and any other linked file) I’d leave troubleshooting that until you get your repository structured correctly, and then you can go through and check paths.

I can’t restructure it, I only see one solution, migrating to another static web hosting service.
If I cannot change the source folder I mean.