My github page wont load

I am making a basic clicker game using github pages but for some reason the page 404s, i have linked everything but it still wont work. here is a screenshot of my page settings (all of the code is in the main branch)

here is the repository GitHub - Plazl/Evo-Clicker and here is the page link
something that might be causing this is the amount of inline js that i used

I tested your GitHub Page site, but I cannot access the LICENSE file. If the GitHub Page is working correctly, all the files can be accessed, including the LICENSE file. Meaning, you don’t have the page, it’s really 404.

Did you click the Save button? Make sure you clicked that, if not try to build the page again.

i removed the pages environment then set it back up but now the page wont even load (the page is just black) so is this due to inline js?

this is the test, the license was successfully downloaded, meaning, you now have the page,

now remove the first, then try to put some words on your README, you should see that on your page, meaning your page is working, wait more than a minute to test

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now, you have the page,

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now, put all of your site files, if that is not working, it’s your code that is not working, maybe the loading of the JavaScript, because a while ago, it’s just loading and loading, so it’s now your turn to detect the mistakes at your code,

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thank you for the help!

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