My github page link showing blank white page

Hy Everyone,
Recently I had designed my first project in which I designed clock using HTML, CSS and JS and I had uploaded it on my repository then I had created link through git pages from the repository setting but when I click on it, it always shows me blank white page. Please help me out.
Link to my repository
Link to my git pages published URL:
Thank you.

Hello @siddharthsonii, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

File names/directories are case-sensitive on GitHub’s servers, so when linking to resources in your project, you have to make sure the case for the files or folders are the same.

In your case, you’ve written the folders all in lowercase in your HTML file, however, in your repo they’re in varying degrees of uppercase/lowercase. Make sure that the case for the folders in your HTML file matches the case of the folder names.

For example, change src="javascript/index.js" to src="JavaScript/index.js", and href="css/index.css" to href="CSS/index.css".

You can enable case-sensitive files/folders on windows to catch this issue before pushing your changes to GitHub. If you’d like to do that, please see the following post for enabling this behavior.