My GitHub page, for a project's documentation, won't load

I have a project, which I would like to create some documentation for. I have created a directory in the project’s root, on the master branch, called:


It contains around 190 KBs of documentation, generated by Haddock. I have enabled GitHub Pages for this repository. Here is my projects root directory:

Here is an image of my current configuration:

When I follow the URL that my page should be on (the one specified in the settings page), I just get a 404 error saying that the page cannot be found:

This is still happening around 20 minutes after I enabled GitHub Pages for that repository. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I can access it by appending


 to the URL. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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From the looks of it, you are using the branch “master” instead of “gh-pages”. I think you have to use the gh-pages branch in order for it to act like a webpage. 

From my browser, works fine. I’m not sure why your browser doesn’t work, but I think it didn’t update yet, so you might have to clear cookies and cache or try a new browser.

Thanks, heaps @yangciou. I restarted my browser and now it is working fine.