my github page doesn't redirect to index.html

Hi @zevoidah,

This seems to be working now. Would you mind sharing with us what was wrong and what you did to fix it?


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it shows on my brother’s pc but it didn’t show on my pc so i think there’s a problem with my stupid old computer lol, or my google chrome browser blocks it.

it works when i go to this link

but it didn’t work to this main link

also i fix it with deleting the repository and make them again.

Hey I think, may be i am late for the reply but you not need to delete your repository for that. Just try deleting your Cookies and Cache from your browser.

Actually i did the same mistake for my page and just wanted no one else unnecessarily deletes his/her repository for same. 


Even I am facing the same issue and I tried deleting my cookies and cache but the problem persists.

My website url:

This is not working rather I have to type in my browser

My github repository URL:

Ohh! It’s working now.

The problem was due to there was an extra space after index

like index .html which was suppose to be index.html.

It’s working fine now.


I created a github pages on my portfolio and just redirects to the README? Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried deleting the repository and remaking it


Hi @alexlovell149,

It sounds like you may be experiencing a different problem than is discussed in this thread. I’d recommend opening a new topic in the GitHub Pages board to ask for help. I’d also recommend providing a bit more information, like what steps you’ve already tried to resolve the problem, and if your repository is public, providing a link to that can be really helpful, too.


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I have the same issue, is it working for you now?

Hi @versifiction What problem are you experiencing? The same as the OP? If so, I’d recommend checking out the Accepted Solution, as well as some of the other things that users tried in this thread for troubleshooting tips. If you are experiencing a problem other than the one the original post talks about, I’d recommend opening a whole new Topic in order to ask your question. You’ll be more likely to get the proper help that way.


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My index.html is in a folder “src”, so my Github page is not correct, but I can’t move the index.html from the folder to the root

(I made a topic for this but no answer yet)

I’ve got the same problem - doesn’t work, but does

Tested on chrome and  safari.

I tried clearing cookies.


Hi @rebeccapeltz,

I just took a look and both of those URLs appear to be working for me. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Your problem might be because there is also a file present. Try to delete .md file and verify

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@shahzadadil  this fixed it for me; thanks! 

I too had faced this problem…

There are multiple files in my plain html, css & javascript repo. obviously, thers is   index.html. but, along with that, i named my main js file as " index.js". So, it didn’t open index.html by default until i changed my js file name to something other than index.

Renamed to which fixed the issue. 

I had index.html in the root of my repository which Github pages wasn’t redirecting to. ( didn’t work, worked)

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may beThe problem due to there was an extra space after index

which was suppose to be index.html.

may beThe problem due to there was an extra space after index

which was suppose to be index.html.

@zevoidah wrote:

i already add index.html on my github page repository

but the page didn’t show up


github repository:


github page:


this happens when i add a cname and delete it.

help me lol.

this is right, even at the time of this writing (year 2020).

deleting worked well, thank you so much :)