My Github page and repos dont show up in google search

I created my github page at hanisalah (Hani Salah) · GitHub about 3 months ago. I am posting a bunch of repos there. However, none of my repos or my github page would appear in google search.

I would appreciate your help, but I would advise you that I am not - yet - that familiar with HTML and webpages. I tried google search console and could get my page indexed, but no luck still with my profile or repos pages. Just to give you a hint, I stopped with the ‘request indexing’ thing in google search console because it needs to verify my ownership of the github page. In this case for example, I am advised to use the ‘meta tag’ and actually i didn’t know what to do with that or how to do it :slight_smile: so we are talking absolute basics here. I can get to that specific metatag but have no idea how to integrate it in my github page. If you are up to help a web cripple like my self, I will appreciate it more than anything.

Thanks and cheers;