My is not showing posts, but they appear locally


I am building my portfolio website, drawing inspiration from the Phantom theme, created by Jami Gibbs. I have personalized the website, and am now trying to add project posts.

I have the blogs added in the ‘_posts’ folder. They appear properly when i run “bundle exec jekyll serve --watch” but they never appear on! I have been trying everything to fix this and it’s driving me mad. I think the problem with posting the blogs has to do with the theme using “jekyll-pagination-v2” as a plugin, but I can’t be sure, and have been unsuccessful in reverting it back to jekyll-paginate 1.1.0.

I love the aesthetics and layout of this theme. Someone please help!!

Hi Sebastian, I have had a quick look and can’t see anything that stands out as broken code wise… have you tried adding content to a post and seeing if that works? It may be ignoring the empty posts for the production build.

hey bailey,

I tried adding the following line to a post

content: “In this research paper, I will explore the possibilities of generating a personalized playlist based on the preferences of a user, using a database of 1000 songs.”

but it hasn’t fixed the problem.