My Github contributions are decreasing drastically

This above is my number of contributions, as at last week. Yesterday it was almost 1,900.

But today, suddenly, my contributions have again suddenly reduced, to this very number.

Many times this has happened, my contributions are always reducing drastically to this very number. What is happening, my contributions should’ve been about 3000 now, but this keeps happening. It’s just as if I’m not working, and it’s painful.
Please can this be kindly worked on and if possible retrieve back all my contributions that were lost?

Thank you

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Hi @anayooleru,

Please first check that your missing contributions meet the criteria for being counted, and that your commit email address in your commit head is present in your GitHub account. 

You can also check the commit author on any commit by adding .patch to the end of the commit URL.

Afterwards, if you’re still not seeing your commits show up on your profile, then we’d recommend reaching out to our internal Support team to take a look at your specific account.


I am checking in like crazy but not getting any contribtions showing up since Tuesday also. 

Thanks for your response, I tried and did all you said. Checked my commit with ‘.path’, it displayed my email account. I can’t find why my commits are decreasing each passing day, right now it’s 1,698.

Let me reach out to the support team again.