My GitHub account suspended for no reason

I was using github till the evening around 6 or 7 pm. Then i took code break when i started coding and was backuping my codes github says my account was suspended for no reason ( it was around 11pm. I mostly use premium vpn while using my pc. I don’t know if that was the issue but i lost all of my codes and my repository. I lost all my hardwork from months. How can i recover it please help. I was not even spamming or doing something wrong. I mostly use manage gatsby

This is something you’ll have to ask GitHub support in private, I’m afraid: GitHub Support

Us other users on the forum can’t know, and I know the GitHub staff can’t discuss personal details on the public forum.

I hope you can get a resolution quickly!


I have send my issues to support through mail, but i got no luck . I am just checking the mail the whole time and they didn’t responded. They respond the following:


Thank you for contacting GitHub Support. We wanted to let you know that we’ve received your message. We are experiencing high volumes and therefore, you may experience longer than normal wait times. In the meantime, you may find answers to commonly asked questions in our community forum or in our documentation.

Ticket ID: 1202318

Thank you!
The GitHub Support Team

It was automated response, I got no response from any team. Hope they would soon.

This means that you have to be patient. The staff in this forum can’t help or speed this up.