My GitHub Account has been flagged for no reason

My account was flagged yesterday for absolutely no reason. and I contacted the GitHub Support Team via Ticket, E-mail and Twitter and none of them replied to me. I actually don’t know what happened overnight or what was the situation that made my account flagged for spam. Many of the repos present in my GitHub Account are based on some tutorials on my YouTube Channel and I am 100% sure those repos doesn’t contain anything that violates GitHub’s ToS or Guidelines. There are tons of people who are commenting and messaging me telling the repos are not available for them and I am seriously tired and fed up with this. I am really sorry if this sounded rude, but as I said before, this is a really disappointing news and it really does hurt. I really hope you will take necessary actions. Thank You.

Link to my GitHub Account. (Coudn’t use my account here because I haven’t authorised it) :

Link to my YouTube Channel : SealedSaucer - YouTube

An image of my issue :

I have seen a similar issue like this before in here, but if there is someone from GitHub/have the powers to un-flag my account, please kindly look into issue.

No one has replied to you yet. Posting here won’t speed up the process, it might actually delay it for it could only take off time from GH staff (valuable time that could have been spent looking into your ticket).

These type of account related problems need to be addressed via the official support channels, not publicly, in this Community forum. This post won’t contribute to the solution of your problem.

As it happens, we’re in August, which usually means reduced staff in most (if not all) services and work places, so chances are that there’s simply a queue of other requests needing to be dealt with before your request.

Of course, I do sympathize with your situation — and I know how upset I’d be if my account was temporarily disabled! — but then, again, from my experience GH support does take very seriously all of its users’ requests (free and commercial accounts alike) and does look into them.

If your account got automatically flagged as spam (e.g. via some algorithm), then the support team will have to understand what triggered it, and if it was a mistake, etc.

I’m confident that you’re problem will be solved, and I wish you all the best with it.

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Yeah, I understand. Thank you for taking time to reply…