My gist was hidden when logout to wordpress. Why?

My gist was hidden when logout to wordpress. Why?

Please refer image below.


I’m not very sure of your situation but, is it your dashboard ?

because if that is your dashboard, you can’t view that if not logged-in

So, how to paste the gist/embed gist properly into wordpress post and can view it by the public?

the screenshot above is my wordpress post…When I log into wordpress, I can view it…When I logout my wordpress, my gist was hidden…So how?

is the gist public too ?

How do know my gist set to public or not? I think it already public…

there is the label, like this


this is my gist…I think it is already set to public

Why it was hidden when I logout to WordPress?

check your WordPress post again, wait a little bit and reload it,

can you send me the link of the WordPress post ?

this is my WordPress post… How to Add Shadow to Image In WordPress Post Without Plugin

you will never see my embed gist…It is actually on “Step 1”

it’s not embedded, rather it’s the link,

so it’s about your code


to embed it, get the JavaScript embed code

<script src=""></script>

Sorry…Maybe you misunderstood…

Please refer to my picture below…

The code you give I already embed into my WordPress post…It has a problem…

okay, so there is the link but not the embedded one, right ? it’s not showing up, only the link

still, the problem is the code, look at this,

there is no embed script, so it will not be seen really, it’s a different view when you are logged-in, but this is the live website that you want to fix

Please you refer to my video here >>> gist was hidden when logout wordpress - YouTube

The embed link you give I already embed it into my WordPress post… Then, the problem you can refer to video…

What is the problem?

I try to post it another my WordPress… the same thing happens…

what I’m seeing is that, it’s another JavaScript code,

so, the view will be different when you are logged-in,

do you have access to the actual code ? because you can simply add the embed code of the gist,

That is weird…It’s just simple to embed…But this makes me headache…So, what do you think…is it a problem with my WordPress? So, how to solve this?

yup, it’s as simple as that, where did you paste it ? can you have the screenshot of the code where you pasted it ?

please refer the picture

oh no , it’s not available on free account , it’s WordPress rule :rofl: