My favorite jekyll themes... How bout you?

Depending on the needs of a project, searching for a working jekyll theme can be involve some serious research… 

Not just working, but that builds without a warning that one of its components will be depreciated soon.

I like to organize a lot of information on a variety of related, and sometimes less related, topics.

What I’m usually looking for:

  • Mobile 1st
  • Sidebar Nav
  • Header image that integrates w jekyll seo tag, or works alongside

With Minimal Mistakes, I can throw 50 links in my sidebar nav and it works great even on my iphone se(tiny)

(note: 1000 links wil not work in the sidebar… but 50-100 seems to work fine) 

But I also like themes that have interesting features that aren’t found elsewhere, or are really good for a specific funtion… and no matter how nice a theme is, I won’t use the same one for every project…

How I find themes:

I went to, but it was down at time of posting:

[edit: upon further review, this page ^^^ is GOLD and was contributed to from the beginning of 2018, which leads me to believe they are all relatively up to date.]

and use to find maintained versions, and in the wild examples of your favorites.

My favorites are:

On my list to check out:

I am working to learn hugo, also… but I really want to find and index all of the best maintained jekyll themes.

What are your favorites?

I am keeping track :wink:

note: originally this was kind of a gripey post because I was tired and frustrated. Since then, I combed through and organized my research better. Then decided to replace my gripes w some thing useful, because there really are many wonderful themes.


we released a brand new theme for jekyll , 
What do you think about this one . 


Problem of Kross, is that it isnt mobile friendly. I have been customizing it but i cant figure out a way to make it mobile friendly. Any help

Thanks for your reply . We will take care of this issue . 


Hydejack fits that description pretty well:

  • Mobile 1st
  • Sidebar Nav
  • Header image that integrates w jekyll seo tag, or works alongside
  • interesting features that aren’t found elsewhere


Supplementary reply:

  • Write documents directly, automatically generate toctree based on directory, like docsify
  • Github pages native support (build and release quickly and quickly)
  • Abandon rst format documents
  • Do not consider how the sidebar is generated (automatically generated according to the file directory)
  • This theme is beautiful
  • Only one file is needed to complete the deployment, seo outstanding!