My custom domain does not work

Basically i made a CNAME entry with my DNS provider that points to

On my github repo, i made the custom domain after going to (the repo) i get an error 404. -_- what am i doing wrong?

Edit: ok lol instead of i just need to use, so now im asking how to make it so the link is instead. works fine for me.

Hey there @symphonicyt,

Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum, it’s great to have you here!

Alongside what @mpboom said, I’m also not having any issues either with accessing your site from or If you’re still having issues, does clearing your browsers cookies and cache help?

In terms of that specific page too, it takes me to a Unity WebGL game - should it be going somewhere else?

The root domain points to www which points to google site, i only used github pages for a subdomain.

Yeah, so basically is a google site and from a certain page there, i want to redirect to github, where i can upload my Unity WebGL games. I created a subdomain for that, The problem was that that subdomain pointed to a repo which had my game, therefore i could only display that one game, and the title was wrong. I ended up renaming the repo to “games” and withing that repo i created a directory named “rollaball”, so it now shows the game at contains a simple HTML file which redirects to my google website at www. now. I think I’ve got it all sorted, thanks for helping anyways!


Awesome, I’m so glad you were able to get this sorted @symphonicyt!

If you need a hand with anything else, just let me know and I’ll come running to help :running_man:‍♂