My country is not available when setting my account for 2FA

today I was going to set up 2FA in my account and i chose to receive an SMS since I got my number saved in my account, but when I looked for my country it wasn’t included, and now I have to download an app that I don’t use just for this purpose

I am from Tunisia and my country code is +216

It’s quite unbelievable. It’s not like Tunisia is a little new state in a forgotten region of the world where states change names thrice a century — is there anyone who doesn’t where Tunisia is?

There should be at least an “Other…” option that allows to manually enter the country phone code.

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Online service have a policy to add data based on users presence and real demand. E.g. some very old programming languages still don’t have their file extensions associated to GH Linguist, because there’s a minimum usage threshold that any extensions must meet before it’s eligible for registration (even by users).

Although I do understand the per-need/usage policy, on the one hand, I find it surprising that a country like Tunisia could be left out from the list of country codes mentioned above. Tunisia was one of the earliest countries in history to build a university (as the term is understood today); its Zeytunah was considered by many one of the world’s wonders, not unlike the Library of Alexandria, a real gem of sciences when knowledge used to be preserved only in manuscripts and oral tradition.

If it wasn’t for the Zeytunah, and its effort in preserving and translating ancient manuscripts, much (if not most) of the ancient Greeks’ knowledge would have been lost to history.

But I guess this doesn’t really count in the eyes of project managers and CEOs (it’s only culture and history, after all).

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You definitely have to write developers about this dismiss. Its quite strange they dont have it…

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