My Contribution doesn't show up on calendar

My Contribution doesn’t show up on calendar for date jun 19 2021 but when i click on it , it shows in Contribution activity
This is my profile

My Contribution was a review and this link doesn’t say anything about review

The page includes a list of what is counted as a contribution. Since PR reviews are not in that list, they are not counted as contributions.

Reviews does count as Contribution i have seen it on many profiles

Just look at your profile

Screenshot from 2021-06-25 09-59-18

Are we looking at different pages?

This is odd! I can see what you describe. Interestingly in the monthly overview the same PR shows up with a review on the 21st. :thinking:

It’s the same page idk why github is showing different

@mattfbacon i just checked out your profile again and it still shows the Contribution on 12 feb for a review