My commits have the name of raphikBIS.


I’ve created a repository on my computer and pushed it to github and the commits have the name of raphikBIS.
Checked my .gitconfig and my user name is NCSantos, if I check last log info with git log -1 it also says author is NCSantos, why is it not commiting with this name?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there!

Commits are assigned based on the associated email address. I’d double check the email address(es) you have associated with your NCSantos account and make sure they match the email address on the commits you’re seeing. If they do, or if you have more questions, I’d recommend reaching out to our private email support so we can help further (we can’t discuss private account details in the public forum). 


The emails don’t match, that was the issue.

Is there a way I can change the author (email) of all previous commits?

Hi @ncsantos,

Yes you can! Please see this article on Changing author info for instructions on how to change this information using a script.


Tryed the script and now I have 80 releases :(, maybe because I have a few git-trees?

Hi @ncsantos,

I’m not sure why it would have created so many releases, but I do know that the script pushes up tags which can be turned into releases. Did the script correct the original problem that you were having? I just want to make sure that worked before focusing on the next problem.


Yes, it corrected the original problem.

Hi @ncsantos,

Glad to hear it! Regarding the releases that were created, what tag names are being used for those releases?


Hi @that-pat,

They are from the git-trees I have in my repo.