My commits counts twice in contributions

When I create commits locally, and then upload them to the github, they are counted twice on the main profile page, but if I go to the repository, then the correct number of commits is shown there. And if you create commits after you’ve already pushed once, then new commits are considered ok.
Perhaps it is not written very clearly, so I will write down the steps.

  1. Create a local commit, or several.
  2. I create a repository for github.
  3. I push commits to github and see in the profile that I made 2 times more commits. That is, if I made 2 commits, I see 5 in the “contributions” (1 for creating a repository) and below in the “Contribution activity” 4 commits are written.
  4. Create 2 more commits locally.
  5. I push them to the github and I see 7 in the “contributions”, and in the Contribution activity I see 6. After the first push they are counted correctly. But those first two are also displayed multiplied by 2.

I think that it should not be so, but I cannot understand what is happened. Can anyone help me?

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Just to mention that it’s still unsolved, I faced the same issue today by following similar steps: created a repo, issued 3 commits locally, pushed to remote. After that my profile showed 7 commits (1 repo creation + 2x 3 commits). After this first push the next commits were counted correctly.

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I’m noticing doubled commit counts as well. On June 6 I pushed a 400 commit repo that I’d been developing locally. Everything before June 6 is doubled, everything on and after June 6 is correct. You can see it on my contributions here: