My commits are not counted as contributions

I have done 4 commit in my repository(GitHub - vladEdition/facebook-clone), but contribution activity counted only one contribution. Why is it happening?? This is not the first time, can you help me please?

Looking at the commit history, the commits aren’t recognized as yours:

GitHub uses the author mail address to assign commits to accounts. Either the author mail address in your commits is wrong, or if it’s yours you need to add it to your GitHub account.

You may need to read this anyway

It can still be fixed though, if you’re OK with force pushing on the repository.

Once you’ve correctly setup Git to associate your username and email to your commits, you should be able to edit those commits (without altering their contents) so that your email becomes associated with them. Then you can force-push to origin (force pushing to master/main is not good practice, but if your context allows it nothing stops you from doing it).

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