My codespaces feedback

1. The GitHub Icon in the top-left corner is evil

Years of using VS Code have trained my muscle memory into clicking top-left button when I want to view File Explorer. When using Codespaces, I accidentally click the GitHub Icon, and with confirmation, it immediately exits the editor environment and take me to the repository site. Turning back would require initializing Codespace again, wasting time. So my wish is that it at least ask user for confirmation first.

2. Request: Browser Tab/Window for Terminal

I also most never touch the Intergrated Terminal on native VS Code because it obstructs my view of code, instead, I open a separated external terminal emulator. With Codespaces, I could use SSH forwarding but it is (1) convoluted and (2) missing the point (which is enabling developers to write code in the web browser). If I could open a separated browser window or tab for the command-line, that would be perfect.