My apologies firstly. problems with finding a download button

Im sorry, my issue might be a childish one for you guys as im not from software field. But, whenever i came to github to download any file (thats only thing i am usually concerned with when i come to github), i find a lot and lot of info on file page, source code, readme details etc etc… I always manage to download the required file in the end… But i ve never known how… I havnt found a download button ever in github… I assume people must be downloading files every minute from github… Someone kindly either tell me how to download files from github… Or if this is, by chance, really a flaw in this website, somebody please fix it. Its really a bad joke to make a renowned software site or repository of files and then hiding the download button. Apologies again. Now, i have written this long post, and i am finding some button to press which will post this written post to this forum. And all buttons i ve pressed they all do something else. If you have to make this website like this, i wish you make the whole website in some klingon or valeyrian or norvegian, gaelic or some rare language, coz why english, why give people like me hope that i ll find the buttons by reading here.

Since a GitHub project page is a git remote repository, you mostly want to clone it (and not download it). This can be done with: git clone <url>, e. g. git clone A git clone can be done with either HTTPS, SSH or the GitHub CLI.

Cloning a repository has the benefit to have all changes and other git related stuff locally, not only the current code base.

In your case, there is also a simply option to download the current code base, by clicking on the green “Code” button


If you click on it, it will show you some options, including a “Download ZIP” option: