My account was flagged when updating my profile information

Two days ago, I updated my profile information on Github, adding innocuous things like an email address and a link to my research group’s website.

A big red banner then appeared at the top of my browser saying that my account had been flagged, and as such it is no longer visible to the public.

This is a serious problem for me. I have been planning to use Github to host Python and MATLAB codes that I have written, which are critical to scientific research papers that my research group is publishing, and to conference talks that I am due to give. If my Github profile cannot be accessed by scientists who have read my papers, or attended my talks, this will have a major negative impact on my work.

I have absolutely no idea how something as innocent as updating my profile could have triggered the flag. This seems to be a serious flaw with the software that Github uses to flag accounts.

To make matters worse, Github has given no information whatsoever about why my account was flagged in the first place, or how to fix it. As a user, this experience would be much, much less frustrating if a reason for my account being flagged was given, and if I had the option to undo any changes myself so that the flag could be removed. 

The only instruction that Github did give me was to contact support. When I filled out the contact form and submitted my message, a warning appeared saying that it might take some time to get a response. I have received no response to my issue so far (after 2 days!). Again, this experience would be much less frustrating if more information was provided (such as the current average wait time to receive a response from support).

Github: Please can you unflag my account? And please can you treat my comments above as constructive criticism, and try to improve your account flagging software?


Hello @bdalevin ,

Thanks very much for the detailed and well-reasoned feedback. I’ll forward it on to the appropriate team. I can’t promise any specific action or when it would happen, but your message will be in the right hands. As we’ve mentioned in a previous topic though, for privacy and security reasons we can’t discuss private account details in the public forum. The private support team is the team that will be able to help you with your account and they will get to it as soon as they possibly can.

Thanks again,