My Account Was Flagged For No Reason

One day, I decided to merge tons of my repositories into a single one in order to save space, as they were all for a single programming class. I’ve read a bit of similar issues on the forum and some users who created or deleted many repositories in a small amount of time were auto-flagged by spambots. I’m not sure why I was flagged or if it was by bots, but could a GitHub moderator please review my flag or something? I didn’t want to have to post on the forum, but whenever I tried to email GitHub Support, it would refuse to let me. I tried this multiple times and even emailed the main GitHub email a day ago and got no reply. Please help, I just wanna have access to GitHub like a normal user.

Thanks! I’m no massive corporation with operations being stopped by a flagging, but I’d just like full access to discord back.

Hi @00100000spacebar,

Thanks for being here! I wish I had better news for you, however, the only folks equipped to assist with this type of request are our private support folks, and a reply might take a few days. We can’t discuss specific account details here and for that reason I’ll be locking this post. Please be on the look out on your email for a reply from our accounts support team.