My account was flagged as spammer

My main account was flagged as spammer two days ago and I got this message:

Your account has been flagged.
Because of that, your profile is hidden from the public. If you believe this is a mistake, contact support to have your account status reviewed.
You are marked as spam, and therefore cannot authorize a third party application.

But I’ve never sent spam or something like that. My account paid (Github Pro) and has long commit history to several public repositories. This flag disabled OAuth system and all of the integrations, also it hid my account and all of changes/PRs. it completely stopped my work (I’m a developer and all of my work related to Github and Github OAuth integrations). I even had to register this account just to write a message here because OAuth is not working.

I put in a ticket request and received a form response with the following ticket number #713711. Also this form contains the link about the current COVID-19 situation and description of priority order for tickets. It’s been over 24 hrs and I still have not received an update.

Hi @vadim-jexia, and welcome to the community forum! Only the folks at private support can help out with this type of request. We are unable to discuss specific account details in the public forum. However, I can confirm we’ve received your support request and a member of our support team will contact you.