My account is flagged

Hi @pamblam,

Thanks for the questions. We are unable to discuss the details of account issues in a public space such as the GitHub Community Forum. However, accounts get flagged for a number of reasons including suspicious account behavior, user reports, and some automated flags as well. This has nothing to do with the Microsoft acquisition, however, as our policies and tools for flagging accounts has not changed.

For the situation regarding your particular account, please contact us directly at



Hi @tarocch1,

I know that this is probably not a very satisfying answer, but you’re going to have to wait for a response. Sometimes the support team needs to do a little bit of research in solving these cases.

Thanks for understanding.

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My account has been flagged for four days. I have sent multiple emails and got no replies yet. Could you help me with it? Thanks.



My account has been flagged for four days, which seriously affects my work schedule. I have sent multiple emails but got no replies yet. Could you help me with it? Thanks so much!


Hi @wy1iu,

I totally understand how frustrating that is. Being kept from work is not ideal in the slightest and we definitely don’t want to keep you from work if we can help it.

However, during weekends and holidays, we do have limited staffing and sometimes our investigations take time. Sending in multiple emails and messages on different platforms may seem like a good way to get your account unflagged sooner, but it actually increases the number of messages that our support team needs to filter through to get to your issue, meaning that it will actually take longer to address your issue.

I know this isn’t the answer that you want to hear, and I’m sorry for that, but you’re going to have to be patient as our support team finishes their investigation and responds to your support tickets.

Hope that helps to clarify the situation.

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Hi, @that-pat

We submitted contacts on 7 days ago and still have no answer or feedback.
We don’t understand why it happened with our profile and ready to provide any help from our side for solving this problem.


Hi there,

I took a look and I can see an email from you from 7 hours ago. Someone will be responding as soon as possible. It also looks like we responded to an email 2 days ago with further information. Please continue to work with private support on this matter. Thank you!

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My account has been flagged for four days, which seriously affects my work schedule. I have sent multiple emails but got no replies yet. Could you help me with it? Thanks so much!

my mail id is


Hi @vydyas,

Unfortunately, I don’t see an email in our ticketing system from you. Could you please try to log a request through ?


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"The youtplayer organization has been flagged.

Because of that, your organization is hidden from the public."

Really? Without any explanations about the reasons for that? I think you guys should improve the flag system. Even if one user, I said ONE, flag anyone, there’s no reason to flag it immediatily without a review. Or am I wrong? The saddest part is flag without explaining anything.


This is a huge problem. I cannot tell you how much it damages your brand. Your effectively throwing sand in the face of your most loyal power users. Before this happened to me I couldn’t imagine any reason I would move to another provider. Now this happens to me I feel that “somethings gone bad at GitHub it’s not what it once was, they no longer have my back, I need to find somewhere else that will better look after me”. 

If you know any product owners at GitHub you really need to point out the pain here. Any large organisation has legal and compliance and security adding features that occasionally throw sand in the faces of their key community members and every large organisation needs to fix such hugely damaging mistakes.

At the very least GitHub should figure out “mean time to unflagging” (people are talking about up to 4 days) then give all customers 4 days warning before being flagged so that people can appeal. If security/compliance/legal say that that’s too many days before blocking a problem then you need to add more staff to reduce the time down to whatever you want it to be, such as 1 day. 

Please GitHub, stop this madness, play nice! 


just to highlight how bad this is for me: 

  • I have been opensourcing some internal software and was just at the point of asking colleagues to start to use it and i get flagged. so now there is uncertainty in my mind that we can ever use GitHub public repos and opensource in case we get flagged and that causes outages. 
  • I have just offered to speak at a conference about the software i have created. imagine if i turned up and my organisation was flagged and only i could see it for 4 days. yes i could show my software on stage but everyone in the audience would be trying to browse the source code online and wont be able to see it. then anyone watching the videoes for four days would not get access to the project. i would lose 100% of interest i had generated by speaking. anyone should think “i cannot use this software at my company it is at risk of being blocked at any time”

Then think about that I have not been warned, that this has happened more than once, and that no-one has explained to me what the problem was last time, so i cannot avoid it the next time. 

Surely anyone at GitHub who reads this must be thinking “holy cow! that’s terrible! we must turn off the flagging software off immediately! it must at least say what pages have been flagged to that people can avoid the problem, must give a warning period, it must automatically unflag customers if they fix the problem, it must have much better rules to avoid false positives, we must have more people handling appeals in a very narrow SLA. quick! we must act!”

Please be the sort of company who can correct such madness. 


is that really an answer to “we have lost a working day at my company”? or an answer to “i will move to bigbucket/gitlab if it happens again”? 


is the problem here the panicked community member or the flagging system that gives no warning, no reason, no url to the problem, causes huge numbers of people post on the forums, etc etc


It’s the same thing for me. The system hasn’t said what the problem is but it seems to correlate with adding documentation to my wiki that links to “”. The other time I wrote a wiki page that used a phrase that is trademarked (very annoyingly trademarked as its a very generic phrase).

Yet it seems very very aggressive. In the case of the single link to the .com address I was saying how to install my software on a SaaS service. What would happen to GitHub if every other site in the internet blocked opensource users from creating links to Think about it. It’s totally nuts to just say “we blacklist any opensource organisation that makes a single link to another site” or uses a trademark name where that trademark would actively encourage links from GitHub users (e.g.,, etc)

It almost like GitHub saying “you cannot be part of the internet your only allowed to link to us or our parent company”. 

There are so many problems with what is going on here. Like why does my whole organisation, with a dozen repos, get blocked when on the wiki of my documentation repo there is one trademark or one link on one page? It’s total madness to cause an outage on my whole organisation. At the very least it should be seen as a “minor matter” and just give me a warning before blocking the one repo. 

Also, any sane system would just block the page that was flagged by the spam system. That would be totally beyond the wit and technical capability of a typical enterprise business that runs such corporate minded software. Yet surely GitHub can figure that out with a filter rule on a reverse proxy? What madness caused them to go live with a minimum viable product that blocks the whole org? It has to be a low point in the history of GitHub to come up with that solution. 


do you know  that the root cause is solved? do you know what actually caused you to be flagged and how to ignore it? do you really want to give GitHub a pat on the back here for solving the problem they created of victimising you for doing something innocent that fell foul of their flagging software? if you feel like being okay about it this time what about next time or the time after or the time after?

how about if you are about to speak at a conference and they flag your software the day you are talking so all your publicity of speaking is for nothing? (i had just volunteered to give a conference talk this month and it happened to me so its a near miss for me). how about if you were just about to email the link to new documentation to have a team at your company use the software you created for them? (that has happened to me I am guessing its the external links on the last documentation i wrote for them that is the problem). 

surely the best thing to do to help GitHub here is to not give them a pass and for them to keep on shooting themselves in the foot here until they fix the root cause which is fully within their control. 


it has happened to me two times. i have been unflagged the second time. neither time i got an explanation. neither time i got a response from support.

since i am a bit savvy to aggressive corporate flagging software having worked at many evil empires who run such soulless software systems in the past i guessed the problem and applied my own fix: remove any possible trademarked phrases on my new wiki page, remove any links to 3rd party sites.

as i was unblocked pretty soon (not 4 days like other posts here) it would suggest (this is a big guess here) have fixed it myself. yet that doesn’t make me a happy customer as i don’t know and i feel my support requests for being given an outage have been ignored. 

yet on this thread whats the official answer from the inside people? contact support! yet i have and feel ignored. so now i feel both victimised, ignored, and also that i am being told to shut up and go away by the people inside github responding to people on this thread. there is at least one response by a “community moderator” on his long thread which comes across as snarky. 

how long will this madness go on? 


Let me start by thanking you for bringing this to our attention. I can definitely understand being frustrated about not feeling in control of how you can present yourself online. You make very good points about wanting to create buzz about your projects and the risk of losing the momentum that you can create by public speaking. It illustrates very well the potential cost of false positives.

We will take your feedback in its entirety to our flagging system team though we can’t promise any specific action or a time frame of when anything will happen. I apologize for the trouble that you’ve been put through. If you run into any other problems, please contact GitHub Support right away at so that we can resolve it.

We would like to point out that posting multiple times on the same topic before someone else has a chance to reply is generally considered bad form. Please refrain from doing that in the future.

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Hii sir my GitHub account of “Dotnib” has been flagged I’m GitHub user for long time this is my new account I made few days ago I never face such problem on GitHub but I don’t know why now this happen to me…
Please help to fix it or resolve my issue…
Thank you,

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Hi @dotnib,

 Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your account being flagged. Since there was already a topic regarding this problem, I merged your message in with it.

We cannot discuss account issues like this through the GitHub Community Forum for security reasons. If you contact GitHub Support directly, we can help sort this issue out for you.