My account is flagged

Help please. My github account is flagged, but I don’t know why. How do I get rid of the flag?


Hi Atarithelarge!

This does happen from time to time. Please use our contact form and we’ll check it out for you. 


Thank you, I will do that.


I don’t understand this whole thing. Pls help.


Hi @rdomingo45 What is it you need help with? If it’s that you’re also looking for help with this particlar Topic (“My account is flagged”), you’ll need to reach out to private support at If you need help with something else, I recommend starting a new Topic in the appropriate board and another community member should be able to help.


Its just causing my dev team a working day. We will move out of github is that happends again. And it still not resolved BTW!


Hi @futurizt,

Did you reach out to GitHub Support directly?



please me my profile flagged  change

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Hi @krishnan57wwwbrlexpo,

I’ve moved your post to a thread where it fits a bit better, because your question had already been asked here. In an effort to keep the Community Forum organized and make it easier for other users to find information, we ask that users continue the conversation in existing threads, instead of opening new ones about the same topic.

As you’ll notice from the Accepted Solution here, you’ll need to reach out to GitHub Support directly to get help with your specific account. 


Hi @canuckjacq my organization all of sudden. I have submitted request via contact form, hope to get this resolved asap.


Hello, Mr. or Ms.
Please Help, Some days I posted some issues to some repository to create logos on some opensource projects. Suddenly today my account is in flag. Please help because many of my projects that I keep in this repository.

My Account Username : @iqbalhood

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Hi @iqbalhood,

As mentioned in this post, you’ll need to reach out to private support for help with this. We can’t discuss specific account details in the public forum. 

Thank you!

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This does seem to be a new thing that has started happening and my account has also been flagged.

I don’t see a reason why your spam system has picked up my account as I have been a member for years and logged and responded to issues and added my repositories.

I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come since the Microsoft takeover!


Thinking about it, this was probably to do with the fact that I posted code that contained URLs to other websites but I needed to include the code as is due to the fact that the issue in question only occurred with the code exactly as it was.

Anyway the issue is resolved now and my account is working normally again.


Hi @ulisses-champ83,

As mentioned throughout this thread, we cannot help with specific account information here in the forum. You will have to work with private support.


Unfortunately my account is also flagged. I’ve contacted private support, however I have yet to receive a response. I suspect that most others here have not received a response yet either which is why they have posted here as well. Seems like the team responsible for creating the automated system that flags users accounts for “spam” and the like is needs to fix it since it appears to be bugged considering I’ve neither spammed nor broken any rules and yet I was still flagged as well.


Hi @dlcoates1,

If you haven’t gotten a response when using the GitHub Contact Form, you may want to try emailing support from your primary email account at


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Hi @nadiajoyce

How long it will take to recover my account from Flagged.


Wondering if this has anything to do with Microsoft’s aquisition, if so, I had a feeling stuff like this would begin happening to a once free and open-source community when big business and inverstor appealing shook its nasty head, very displeased and hoping loyal employees have some say in this disgusting aquisition 


Mine is flagged too.

Few questions:

 - Why did this happen?
 - How can I avoid it happening in the future?
 - Is this in any way related to the MS acquisition?