My account is flagged. No response in 14 days.

I wanted to know how long does it take to get a response from GitHub Support?

My main account got flagged about 2-3 weeks ago with no warning or explanation given. I’ve created a support ticket, but I haven’t gotten a response in 14 days. Unfortunately, I have to use this account to make a post about this because of the fact my main account is marked as spam and can’t make these posts on here.

Is there anyway I can expedite this process or at least verify that my ticket is being processed at the moment? Because this has been a real inconvenience for me for the last couple of weeks of not being able show my repos and collaborate on other projects. My ticket ID is #1638026

Thank you

Hi there :wave:t3: @JTAltAcc - first, thank you for your patience - I know that it is frustrating to not be able to collaborate and use GitHub. However, the Community Forum team is unable to expedite with support tickets though I was able to check in and we have received your ticket :+1:t3:. There are still tickets ahead of yours in the queue and our team answers them in the order they were received based on their bandwidth. Keep me updated!