My Account is flagged. It has some sensitive information. Please Help

My original github account is flagged. I cannot access my deployed websites as those are logged in via github which is now not allowing 3rd party access.
username: AnkurBnsal
ticket ids: 873987, 926782, 926784
Please provide some response/reply.

:wave: Welcome!

Please check your spam folder or search your email inbox - you were sent a reply in October that requested information from you.

Thank you, I missed that e-mail. I have closed all the pull request. Now please remove the flag from my account.
Thanks for your support.

Hey - you’ll have to reply to the email so the correct team can review your account. We can’t do that here I’m afraid.

I sent a reply to that email on 5th December, but I have not received any response.

I’m afraid you will have to wait for the team to complete their review of your account. Please note, every additional ticket you create is delaying your response.

I appreciate that you are anxious to have your account unflagged but in these particular cases, you do have to wait while your account is reviewed. We are unable to do that for you here.

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