My account has been hijacked


My account that I opened in 2012 has been hijacked/stolen. _ How do I get it back?It’s very important that I do.

After reading the following though I suppose it could be possible GitHub just decided hijack it themselves.

Inactive accounts may be renamed or removed by GitHub staff at their discretion. Keep in mind that not all

activity on GitHub is publicly visible. Staff will not remove or rename any active account.

I can tell you that I was using my account, and regardless could your policy be any more vague? If you’re going to remove someones account because you think they aren’t using it then at least give them a heads up. I never recieved any warning whatsoever. 

Please give my account back to me, otherwise I’m going to do bad things.


Going on 5 days now and no response from GitHub Support. Apparently if you have an urgent problem then it’s simply ignored. This is why things suck nowadays…

i am not hijacked, but just suspended by mass fake multiple revenge reports. still suspended for a week. i did not receive any good answer yet. anyway good luck for you.