My account has been flagged

My account has been flagged. I assume because it is disseminating information relating to covid-19.

Obviously, time is of essence. but the other posts on a similar subject (" my account has been flagged") suggest it can take days to get the matter resolved. 

sitting and waiting is not an option. are there any shortcuts to the process?

yes, i have contacted github and i have received a ticket number.

needless to say, and like others who have posted similarly, i have not received any indication of the reason for flagging, nor of the actual flagging. instead, i was notified by a user.

i used github because it looked like a good tool, to put up and disseminate information direction from medical teams to engineers, but now it is starting to look like a mistake.

My account was unflagged in just a few hours! and without any lengthy back-and-forth with GitHub.

thank you for the fast service.

However, it would really help if we get warning and/or explanation for such flagging in the future (which I hope never happens).

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