my account has been flagged

Hi Team,

My account has been flagged.I have already reach out to private support at

Please could you resolve it at the earliest. Please treat this as urgent

Hi @kushalsolanki1987 

We’re not the GitHub support team, I’m afraid. We’re just forum members :slight_smile:

You say you’ve contaced support already, they will pick this up as soon as you’re at the head of the support queue.

Hi @seveas ,

Ohh my bad. By the way have you ever come across a similar situation.How long does it take to resolve this…

Abusive people get flagged all the time by spam and abuse detection mechanisms. Unfortunately, while these mechanisms are extremely good, they do occasionally also flag users that mean no harm. If that’s the case, support will have an easy time unflagging your account.

“There have been several failed attempts to sign in from this account or IP address. Please wait a while and try again later.”

Well I’ve been waiting four days now for mine to be ‘unflagged’. I’ve sent about six emails, and I still haven’t had the problem resolved.

Unfortunately this means I can’t maintain our Enterprise platform, so I’ve had to create a second account just to send this message!

I don’t understand why there’s no self-validation system on Github. I have MFA enabled, so it’s pretty unlikely that any hack attempt will be able to fake my existence.

Hey @kushalsolanki1987,

Thanks for being here. Only private support can help with this. We can’t discuss specific account details in the public forum.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.



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