My account has been flagged. Please help

Dear madams/sirs
My github account 3 days ago suddenly got flagged. i didnt update anything on my github over the last 2 weeks. I sent contact form as well as email to and but I got no reply. This account is very important to me, and now i dont know how to solve the problem. please help me.
Thank you in advance

These things take some time, so take patience and wait. I understand the agony of not being able to use your account, but it’s a matter of security. You can check this post to see if there are something more to do: post.

Hello @1991viet,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvience that has caused you. Your patience is much appreciated. In an effort to keep the Community Forum organized and make it easier for other users to find information, we ask that users continue the conversation in existing threads (such as the link our fellow user @wabri has provided). Due to this, I will be locking this post.

Greatly appreciated,