My account has been flagged. I have tried to contact support, but have not received an answer yet .

As the title implies, my account has been flagged. I do not know if this was automatic or deliberately done, and have not received an explanation as to why this happened. I have contacted support 3 times, and it has been half of a year since the firest time. I have yet to receive an answer… ,no one can tell me what happened and then what should i do next. Please help us and it would be very appreciated.

Hello @xiangjihan,

In the interest of privacy and security we aren’t able to discuss account-specific details in a public forum. If the flag has not yet been removed from your account, we kindly ask that you reach out to our Support team for help.

Because a similar question has already been answered in another thread we’ll be closing this topic. You can continue the conversation in the original thread if you’d like.