My account flagged

My Github account was flagged yesterday.
Right now we are not able to see PRs, new commits changes, run CI processes, etc.

Ticket ID: 748447

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I can confirm we’ve received your request and it will be handled in order. Please note opening multiple requests may cause delays in receiving a reply


My account too has been flagged and It’s been three days now. Inspite of raising two support requests to GitHub, no one has got back to me yet. There is a GitHub app that is associated with my account which is being affected.

Ticket IDs : 810078, 812354

Please get back to me ASAP. I would want to get this resolved immediately. My work is being hampered.


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I can confirm we’ve received your request and it will be handled in order. Please note that opening multiple tickets can cause delays.

Thank you for your patience and I hope it’s sorted for you soon.

@canuckjacq, could you clarify to me what accounts flagging is and how it happens?

I’m aware that GH users are able to flag users or repos for being offensive, and other inappropriate uses, but I guess that this wouldn’t lead to an automatic suspension of the account or service.

From what @prot0-root mentions I seem to gather that he/she is experiencing limited account access, not having full access to the usual operations.

I just would like to learn more about this flagging process — how it comes into being, how it affects users accounts, and what steps should be taken if it happens. Also, what happens if a single user of a GH Organization or Team is flagged? how would this affect the org/team projects?


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First, I want to make it very clear that GitHub users are not able to flag other GitHub users.

We take the overall environment on very seriously. We know it’s frustrating to encounter spammy content and people who behave badly. We want you to feel like GitHub is a fun and productive place to collaborate.

As a GitHub user you can block other GitHub users and you can report them for abuse. Neither of these actions will have any direct effect on their accounts. Blocking only means that they will no longer be able to interact with you.

If an account is reported for abuse, that report is thoroughly investigated by a human before any action is taken.

All flagged accounts are flagged because they have violated our Terms of Service, Community Guidelines or Acceptable Use Policy in some way.

The most common reasons are:

  1. Spam: You know it when you see it, but we hope you don’t see much of it on GitHub. Spam is nonsense, disruptive, promotional, bulk created, and/or inappropriate. These accounts can be flagged automatically (using an enormously complicated set of criteria that changes as it needs to) or by a human.
  2. Abuse: slurs, threats, general antisocial behaviour. These are typically flagged by humans.

When an account is flagged, all content generated by that account will be hidden even if they are in repositories owned by other people and organisations. If a hidden issue has comments, the entire issue and subsequent comments are hidden. A flagged profile will also not be visible to others. A flagged account is unable to use Actions, Codespaces, and some other GitHub products. You may find your ability to use your account with outside services is restricted as well.

If your account has been flagged and you believe it’s an error, your only course of action is to contact support directly and ask that your account be reviewed. We do not handle these queries on the community forum.

We do our very best to resolve these quickly but this process can take a few days at times. Spam, if you can believe it, has busy seasons.

Repeated queries do not accelerate a response, and obviously do occupy some processing and triaging time on the part of the team you are hoping will reply to you quickly. We strongly encourage people to not open new tickets after they’ve received confirmation their initial query has been received.

I hope that answers your questions!


Thanks you @canuckjacq, your reply was really helpful.

This is the part that puzzles (and worries) me most. What effects can this have, for example, on pull requests submitted (and merged) by a contributor that subsequently gets flagged? Or is in this case the merged content no longer viewed as belonging to the flagged account, but to the target repository instead?

In collaborative projects repositories owners don’t usually investigate who the contributor is, but focus on the submitted contents instead. Organizations and Teams are a different matter, of course, but in huge projects it’s not unheard of that an org/team might enroll a new member just based on their contributions in the course of time, so I’m now wondering if orgs and teams need to be more cautions in adding new members, to prevent finding themselves with a flagged member — whatever impact the flagging might have on an org or team.

Apologies for being unclear on that. Merged PRs will absolutely remain in the code.

We hope that the impact on teams is 1. infrequent and 2. not substantial

Inaccurately flagged accounts are not the norm. While you will see a lot of people on here asking about their flagged accounts, that doesn’t mean they were flagged in error. Some are. But most are flagged for real reasons. We don’t discuss the particulars of anyone’s account with third parties (even when their boss emails us!).

If you are concerned, it may be worth asking - as part of their onboarding - any new members to familiarise themselves with GitHub’s Terms of Service , Community Guidelines and Acceptable Use Policy.

We also encourage projects hosted on GitHub to have their own codes of conduct.

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I had to create this account just to raise this to your attention.

My main account got flagged 3 days ago with no reason given + no response.

Today, when I tried to access the forum I got redirected to the dashboard with the message:
“You are marked as spam, and therefore cannot authorize a third party application.”

I’m not spam, in-fact I got hit as soon as I was going to publish a new project which hurts the release date. If someone can check the ticket # #812140 I’d be really grateful.


I’m afraid we’re unable to handle queries about specific flagged accounts in the community forums. You will have to wait until your account is reviewed.

As above: please do not open repeated tickets - that will delay a response, not expedite it.