My account added two factor authentication without me realizing it and now I'm locked out!

I come here hoping with desperation that there’s some way I can fix my problem. I have an account which I have been using for several years, including now at the company I work for. Today when I tried to log into my github account I was met with a request for 2FA. The problem is I have no recollection of setting this up! I use 2FA for many applications (but not github). The only auth app use has no entry for github. I tried my other auth codes in case I just misnamed it but those did not work. In case I set this up long ago and forgot about it I have scoured my computer looking for the recovery codes but with no luck. 

This is very strange because I use this account nearly every day and it never has asked me for this before. My best guess is that somehow I accidentally clicked on this to turn it on without realizing it (possible because github has been sending me pop-ups asking me to upgrade my security. The other possibility is that this is some funky bug on Github’s end?

I really only have logged in with my password and have no facebook account or phone number connected to the account. What can I do to recover this? 

Hi @duncanrbeggs,

Thanks for being here! You’ll need to reach out to private support for help with this. We can’t discuss specific account details in the public forum. 


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