I builded it npm and github any confirmation github repoMunyola/ncc (github repo) page:
Star count: 1✅.Before( npm-github) this i the boarder of 2 developers.I had already been alerted on my last post of search engines and browser a bout the range on control and security on boarder.I realized that dream was on the way one bridge all running which links NPM and GITHUB through Munyola as a I can now build a lot . I know my name has got network. Thus why if I say it happen. What a my fellow GIST? after finding away to work on security contents, that could future assist I made a mistake when I inserted my net in her project.if any of us are here I have resigned on developing gist.github either the owner of gist to complete it for benefit or handles to committee or demolish it .working together is power than solo.I apologize to Gist for touching his projects. Okay I have got a lot on incubating and fixing unpotted future projects where by I will make great change from that 3 stars of the next generation. Otherwise everything is okay.
Thanks my fellow superuser💢.