Multiple statuses on a single commit can lead to misleading information

Consider this scenario:

  1. There is a single commit that belongs to 2 distinct PRs, 1 and 2.
  2. A service runs on these PRs, and reports statuses accordingly.
  3. Let’s say the service for PR 1 succeeds and posts a success status, but one for PR 2 fails and posts a failure status.

Now, on GitHub’s PR pages, the status of the commit are identical (whichever posted last is shown) in both PR 1 and PR 2. While the service may have run multiple times, but if the service’s status has the same name, only one result is shown for both. From UI, it doesn’t seem possible to access both. Even with API, it would be hard to pluck the desired information.

It is possible for the service to add more information when it posts a status to the commit (say, “SERVICE X, PR 1” and “SERVICE X, PR 2”). However, both statuses are now shown on PR 1 and PR 2 pages, resulting in both PR’s statuses dependent on both PRs. This does not seem ideal.

As a developer of such a service, what are my options for reducing the users’ confusion?