Multiple Pull Request Templates


we recently added issue and pull request templates to our project and realized that only the issue templates enable the template selection menu (as show in the image below).

The added pull request templates however don’t enable such a menu.

Is it correct that this selection menu is only available for issues and that pull requests can only have a single template?
It seems like that is the case, but I’m not sure and might be missing something. Especially since the GitHub help docs are indicating support for multiple pull request templates.

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As a follow-up to this post, we are currently working on the following repository:

It seems that the PR templates work by using the appropriate query in the URL (?; however, there does not seem to be an analogous UI to the issue template when creating a pull equest (so far as we can tell). Is there something more we can do such that the pull request templates are more obvious to new contributors?


I’m seeing the same issue. There’s no selection page for pull request templates, but the query param works.

So, no solution?


I am bumping this for eyes. My organization could also benefit from multiple templates and a dropdown. Please update!


same here. would live to see a UI to allow easier use of multiple PR templates. gitlab has had that for a while.

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This would be super helpful being able to choose from a list when creating a pull request. At the organisation level it would be even better to be able to “share” templates across repositories.

+1 this would be immensely helpful

+1 and bump. This is very useful for larger team to operate.

Yes, I thought you could have multiple pull request too, until I tried. Multiple pull request templates, and an editing menu (so people don’t have to make a file and code it manually) like the issue templates, should all be a feature! :+1::heart: